FAQ 2018 Summer Retreat


Q. What is the address of the venue?

A. 210 Woods Rd, Lakewood, PA 18439

Q. How early can we arrive on Monday, August 6th?

A. The camp will begin with registration on Monday, August 6 at 4:30pm and will conclude on Sunday, August 12 at 11am. Attendees who arrive early will not be given access to their rooms prior to onsite registration.

Q. Will parking be available?

A. Attendees will be able to use camp parking at no charge.

Q. When does the weekend-only program begin and end?

A. The weekend program begins with onsite registration on Friday, August 10 at 9am EST and ends with the conclusion of the retreat on Sunday, August 12 at 11am EST.

Q. Is it possible to purchase day passes or attend for just a few days during the week?

A. Yes. Please email your request to almaqasid@almaqasid.org

Q. What is included in the registration fees?

A. The registration fees will include course instruction, 3 meals/day, standard accommodations, scheduled activities (swimming, sports, ropes course, etc) and student handouts for classes (if applicable).

Q. What kind of activities will there be for children and youth?

A. We will have a separate program for the youth. The details of the program are still being formulated, however, in the past we have separated the children/youth into the following age groups (6-9, 10-12, 13-17) with the program comprising of Islamic instruction, activities such as art classes, calligraphy, educational games, sports options (basketball, soccer, volleyball), swimming, and a ropes course. As a reference, see the links below for a sample age group of last year’s youth schedule.

        2017 Summer Retreat 6-8 Boys Youth Schedule

        2017 Summer Retreat 9-11 Girls Youth Schedule

Q. Are there any differences between the weekend-only program versus the week long program?

A. The weekend will include additional programs that are not held during the week days. This will include a nasheed concert, mawlid gathering, basketball tournament and additional guests/Instructors. Four your reference, see the link below to view last year’s adult/general schedule.    

        2017 Summer Retreat Adult Schedule

Q. Will babysitting services be available?

A. Yes. We will have babysitting services for children between the ages of 2-5. Babysitting will only be available during morning and afternoon class sessions – more details will be noted in the welcome packet. Please indicate in the appropriate section during online registration if you intend to utilize this service. For your reference, click on the link below to view last year’s childcare schedule

        2017 Summer Retreat Childcare Schedule

Q. Will Wi-Fi be available?

 A. Yes

Q. Are there laundry facilities?

 A. Yes, there are several laundry facilities that attendees will be able to access free of charge in addition to coin operated machines that attendees may want to utilize if other machines are in use.  Attendees must bring their own laundry products for washing and drying.


Q. What type of accommodations are available?

A. Standard accommodations will be shared housing in camp-style, duplex bunks segregated by gender.  A duplex bunk consists of 2 individual bunks that are separated by a common bathroom.  Each bunk will have up to 12 beds, ample storage space and electrical outlets.  If you have a larger group and wish to have your own private duplex or bunk, you can request one from almaqasid@almaqasid.org or during the registration process and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis for an additional fee.

Q. How do I secure a private bunk?

A. Families with 5 or more members are eligible to secure a private duplex or bunk (A duplex consists of 2 individual bunks that are separated by a shared bathroom). These accommodations are extremely limited and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. They can be requested when completing the online registration form and secured upon payment. Families with less than 5 members who request a private duplex or bunk can only receive one if remaining units are available after eligible requests are fulfilled.  Two different families may be able to share a duplex bunk if each family consents, and are able to make arrangements for how to utilize the shared bathroom – this can be declared during online registration, or via email to almaqasid@almaqasid.org.  The premium for a private duplex will be $800 and $400 for a private bunk.

Q. I have a family but cannot afford private accommodations. How will our accommodations be assigned?

A. The family will be separated and assigned to standard accommodations but a family member of the same sex can be designated as a roommate. Please designate the roommate at the time of completing online registration. Prepubescent children ages 10 years or younger will be permitted to stay with a parent in bunks with the opposite sex. For example, a 10 year old boy will be permitted to stay with his mother in standard accommodations.

Q. Will private accommodations be pro-rated for weekend-only attendees?

A. Unfortunately, they will not be pro-rated due to the limited supply and high demand. We will also not be using those accommodations from Monday-Thursday if secured by a weekend-only attendee.


Q. Will transportation be provided?

A. We are offering round-trip bus transport to the retreat and back to Newark Liberty International Airport for a limited number of attendees on a first come first serve basis. We will designate a meeting location at Newark Liberty International. More specific details will be communicated to attendees who opt for bus transport.

Q. How do I sign up for bus transportation?

A. You can sign up for bus transportation during online registration. If you did not sign-up during online registration, please click on the following link, and submit a request via almaqasid@almaqasid.org

Q. Do I have to pay for bus transportation?

A. Yes. The cost of transportation is not included as part of the registration fees. There will be a fee of $40/person or $35/person travelling in a family of 3 or more members.

Q. I am flying in to attend the retreat and will require bus transportation. When should I schedule my arrival and departure fights?

A. The exact bus departure time is still tentative, but in general, please schedule your arrival at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to be no later than 2:30pm EST on Monday, August 6. For your departing flight on Sunday, August 12, do not schedule any earlier than 3:00pm EST. The estimated travel time between the airport and camp site is approximately 2 hours and 35 minutes.

Q. Will there be other arranged transportation from other locations besides Newark Liberty International Airport airport?

A. No. Unfortunately, we will only be arranging transportation from Newark Liberty International Airport airport on Monday, August 6.

Q. Will transportation be provided for weekend-only attendees?

A. No. Unfortunately, we are only arranging bus transport pickup on Monday, August 6.

Q. Do you accommodate one way rides on the bus, either to the retreat or back to the airport?

A. We will give preference to attendees who require round-trip transport, however, we may be able to accommodate one-way requests if there are seats still available within one week of the retreat start date.

Discounts/Financial Aid/Volunteering

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. We are offering the early bird adult discount (ages 12 and up) which is $50 off the regular registration fees for the first 50 registrants.  UPDATE 6/17/18 – This discount is no longer available.

Q. Will there be financial aid available for this event?

A. UPDATE 6/17/18 – We have now exhausted all available financial aid.  We are only able to offer a deferred pay plan option.  Please submit a request here: almaqasid@almaqasid.org and ask for a link to our financial aid application to be considered.

Q. Do you take volunteers for the retreat?

A. We take volunteers based upon need, the prospective volunteer’s experience and expertise. To inquire for volunteer positions, please submit a request almaqasid@almaqasid.org