Al-Maqasid Private Lessons & Tutoring Service

Al-Maqasid is pleased to announce its Private Lessons & Tutoring Service with Ustadh Hasan Petrus. This will be, God willing, a great opportunity for those who wish to study the sacred Islamic sciences in a thorough and in-depth manner. The service is especially catered to children who seek grounding in Islamic knowledge alongside their secular education. Lessons will be customized for the needs of each student.

Potential subjects include, but are not limited to, Quranic Arabic comprehension, Quran, Hadith, and Hanafi Fiqh. Each of these subjects will be offered according to the level of the student: entry, mid and advanced. Only limited spots are available.


1 person: $20 per hour
2 or more: $10 per hour per person

Discounts are avaible for students taking more than one class per week and families with multiple childrend enrolled

For further information please contact:

Ustadh Hasan Petrus

Ustadh Hasan was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. His pursuit of sacred Islamic knowledge has taken him to two continents to sit at the feet of those who still carry unbroken chains of sacred learning. During his stat in South Africa, Hasan focused primarily on Qur’anic studies. He subsequently moved to Tarim, Yemen, to study at the prestigious seminary, Dar al-Mustafa. He returned from Tarim in 2015 to take up a teaching post at al-Maqasid.