The heart of Al-Maqasid lies in our programs. Our learning methodology is based upon the al-Maqasid al-Thalatha: knowledge (‘ilm), devotion (suluk), and service (da’wa). We aim to weave together a diverse set of programs that allow for various levels of formal learning as well as regular opportunities to sustain and increase one’s religious knowledge and practice.


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Linguistically related to the spirit (ruh), the Rawha is a weekly class centered around Islamic spirituality. It explores the text-based tradition that outlines the spiritual path and aims to inspire seekers to both embark upon it and attain its realities. Click here to sign up for the announcements for this program.

Loving the Beloved

This weekly program includes a recitation of the prophetic biography in poetry form followed by a counsel intended to connect the listener to the Prophet ﷺ and his teachings. The more we know about his life, character, and way, the more we will come to love and follow the one beloved to Allah. Click here to sign up for the announcements for this program.

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Jalsat al-Awwabin

“The Gathering of the Penitent” was established by the illustrious scholar, Imam al-Haddad, during his lifetime. Transmitted for over three centuries, it contains a study of passages from several works of the Imam—all of which are the epitome of beneficial knowledge—along with recitation of the Quran and spiritual poetry. Click here to sign up for the announcements for this program.


Women's Quran

This weekly program, taught by Ustadha Azza El-Ashry, focuses on teaching the essentials of sound Quranic recitation (tajwid) and memorization (hifz) and  seeks to engender a deep attachment to the Book of Allah.

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Held every Saturday from 10:30AM to 12:00PM with Ustadh Amjad Tarsin, Heart to Heart is an opportunity for us to come together as a community and discuss topics of Islamic spirituality. We will center our discussions around a book titled Kingdom of the Heart and Limbs by Al-Habib ʿUmar bin Hafiz, which beautifully illustrates the ways each of our actions impacts our hearts.

Everyone is welcome to join us as we learn, discuss, and grow together. Coffee and tea will be provided!